How it works

What is a digital out of home media network?
Think of it as a network of digital billboards that are strategically placed in high traffic areas throughout the community.
On these billboards we can run everything from live news and weather to still advertisements and production video.

Why Go Digital?
High resolution images and video. We use high quality commercial displays designed for this exact application.

Captive audience. Our viewers are typically watching ToobTV for 5-45 uninterrupted minutes or longer.

Strategic Marketing. Target customers based on gender, lifestyle, or geographic area.

Value. A fraction of the cost compared to traditional advertising – Seriously… the best value for promoting your business.

Time. One of the many advantages of ToobTV is the ability for the content to be updated in real time. All of the displays are connected to our private and secure network, which gives us the ability to update content almost instantaneously. This allows us to keep the content fresh and current.

In-house creative assistance. Our design professionals will create the perfect ad for your company that will make an impact on our viewers. Have your own design department? We will work with them to make sure your campaign launch goes smoothly.